Science Fair
Fresno County Science Fair students will be competing on March 15th at the Fresno Fairgrounds. 
FMS Science Fair will be in the cafeteria the night of Open House on March 17th. ALL 6TH GRADERS WILL BE PARTICIPATING IN THE SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR. THIS IS 60% OF THEIR 3RD QUARTER GRADE. 

Our school is participating in a school wide recycling program. If you have an plastic bottles or aluminum cans you are willing to recycle at school, we will gladly accept them. 
Students please remember the recycling bins are NOT trash cans.

Unit Assessments and Quizzes:
Quizzes are now 60% of the student's grade. If a student does not do well on the quiz they are able to do a quiz correction. Quiz corrections will be explained by the teacher after a quiz has been given.
 Unit assessments are also 60% of the student's grade. If a student does not do well on the assessment they are NOT able to do a retake as they are our Performance Tasks at the end of the unit. Students will need to make sure that the study and pay attention in class to make sure they are successful on their Performance Task (Unit Assessment)
6th Grade Science 

Students are working on their Human Impact on the Environment. The students will be creating google presentations next week and presenting to the class. They will have assigned topics. 
7th Grade Science 

8th Grade Science